Sam & Joyce Johnson


Our involvement with Bible Schools began nearly 50 years ago while serving as missionaries. We assisted in the founding of the Bible School in Spain that opened its doors with only 5 students. 

Those humble beginnings took us to Portugal in 1974, where we began to build the Mount Hope Bible School located on 30 acres outside the capital city of Lisbon. Over the next ten years we poured our lives into the campus that now facilitates 300 students, and a conference center for more than 1000. 

Because we saw first hand the results of trained leaders, who today are all over the world sharing Christ, we dedicated ourselves to helping build Bible Schools wherever there was a need. 

Fourteen years ago, we gave our ministry a name to go along with our passion. We invited others to join us and they responded. Because of these dedicated partners, the Priority One family grew in number and gave generously. Today, we have been able to assist in building Bible Schools in over 45 countries, some from the ground up, and others by building a dormitory or library.